Dental Implants: Reap the Permanent Benefits!
By Northern Smiles Dentistry
January 28, 2014
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Tooth loss—doesn’t sound fun, right? No one wants to lose a tooth, but the good news is that there are many solutions for this dental affordable dental implantspredicament. One procedure that is revolutionizing the field of dental restorations is dental implants. In Phoenix, “affordable dental implants” is what patients should think about as the best restorative solution.
Top Benefits of Getting Dental Implants 
There is not just one but multiple benefits when you get dental implants. This is all thanks to the process of osseointegration. What is osseointegration? During the first stage of an implant procedure, a small, screw-shaped titanium post is inserted into the jawbone. Titanium is a unique, biocompatible property that allows the bone cells and gum tissue to positively react and attach to it, without rejecting it. Once the jawbone and gums successfully heal over the implant, an abutment and synthetic crown is put in place, completing the implant process. After a procedure, the benefits are revealed:

·      You can eat and speak with ease, meaning you don’t have to worry about an implant slipping out of place.
·      The implant will stimulate the jawbone, stopping it from resorbing near the affected area.
·      Your implant is permanent and long lasting.
·      The synthetic crown mimics the look and feel of your natural teeth.
·      A dental implant doesn’t require the dentist to do extensive filing on the neighboring teeth—it’s close to a perfect fit.
·      You get a new smile and a boost in confidence!
As long as you take great (not just good) care of your teeth and gums, your dental implant should stand the test of time, possibly a lifetime. That is why dental implants are the affordable and smart choice as a tooth replacement option. For a consultation to go over the procedure for affordable dental implants in Phoenix, call (602) 997-1899. Patients can also visit the “Appointment Request” page to submit a form. Dr. Troy Stansberry’s main mission is to provide the best oral health education andaffordable family dentistry in Phoenix, AZ.